UK Flood 2007

Disaster recovery: AXA case study of ‘game changer’ flood with household survey in Sheffield-Rotherham and national expert survey.

Earthquake Impact Database 2007-2018

Damage Assessment: Web-accessible database of past earthquake damage data constructed to support earthquake risk projects.

Typhoon Osaka Japan 2018

Disaster recovery: Typhoon damage to a gym structure in the Sakai area of Osaka Metropolitan Region, Typhoon Jebi, September 2018. Part of a study for the development of the GEVES Japan Typhoon Vulnerability Model (1.0) carried out for Guy Carpenter in 2018.

Typhoon Haiyan Philippines 2013​

Disaster recovery: 
AXA case study with field study and expert survey and collaboration with KIT to produce tourism scorecard.

Netherlands Earthquake 2014-2016 ​

Risk Assessment: Contribution to Arup/NAM study of risks to buildings and occupants in the Groningen Region from earthquakes induced by gas extraction.

International Macroseismic Scale 2015

Earthquake Risk Assessment: Preparation of supporting documentation on the development of the IMS as a successor to the MMI and EMS macroseismic scales (supported by GEM, the Global Earthquake Model)

Gorkha Earthquake Nepal 2015​​

Disaster recovery: 
Collaboration with Nepali engineers in Iceland and Italy with field study and household surveys.

Caribbean Hurricane 2021

Catastrophe Modelling: Vulnerability and exposure estimation for 15 building construction classes in each of 20 Caribbean countries to support reinsurance modelling by Guy Carpenter

Italy Earthquake Vulnerability Model 2014

Risk AssessmentEarthquake vulnerability curves for Italian commercial and industrial building stock. Part of a study for the development of the GEVES Italy Earthquake Vulnerability Model (2.0) carried out for PartnerRe in 2014.

Tohoku Tsunami Japan 2011

Disaster recovery: 
EEFIT recovery mission and case study of spatial planning issues.

EEPI Map 2013

Impact Database: Web-accessible geographical database of building damage photos to support earthquake risk studies (

EXPLORIS 2005-2007

Volcanic risk assessment: EU-funded research collaboration for development of eruption scenarios for three European volcanoes (Vesuvius, Tiede (Tenerife) and Soufriere (Guadeloupe) to assist planning for risk mitigation.